Choosing a Pet Rabbit That’s Right For You

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Choosing the right rabbit for you and your family can be a very exciting process. There are currently over 40 recognized breeds of rabbits. Many of the breeds have multiple varieties and colors. Rabbits range in size from 2 pounds to over 10 pounds. So the choices are very abundant.Many breeders give different answers regarding the preferred gender for a pet rabbit. This is compounded by the individual temperament of the rabbit. Often a doe (girl rabbit) that is not spayed, can become territorial was she reaches maturity. She may nip at you when reaching for her or even her food or water dishes. Some does will eliminate that aggression when a familiar face does the feeding on a daily basis. Some does we’ve found to be non-aggressive, and yet others can become territorial towards everybody, but that is very rare. If you do not plan to breed your rabbit, and you want a doe, it is best to have her spayed to help reduce the chances that she may protect her den.Bucks present a different problem all together. Bucks generally are not aggressive. However, spraying can be a problem. When the buck reaches maturity he may start to spray his urine everywhere to let the whole world know he is ready for a mate. Again, not all bucks will do this, and typically the ones that do, will only do so for a short period of time. This problem can be eliminated by having the buck neutered.

Grooming is another consideration. The wool breeds such as angoras and jersey woolies require extra work in grooming. All rabbits need a good routine of grooming by their caretaker, but the wool breeds require more time because of the nature of their fur type.

The best way to see and find out about rabbits is to attend a rabbit show. At the rabbit show you will find many breeders and most of the breeds of rabbits. To find a show near you visit our calendar page and search for a show in your state.

I would not recommend buying a rabbit without first seeing it, nor would I recommend purchasing a rabbit from a pet store. It would be in your best interest to find a breeder in your area of the breed you think you would like. Visit with that breeder. See what the conditions are in the barn. Ask if you can hold a rabbit. Watch the rabbit’s reaction to their cage being opened. Rabbits that love attention, will immediately come to the door, some will even make happy grunting type noises. Other rabbits will immediately go to the back of the cage. If a rabbit moves to the back its probably not a good rabbit for you.

Most of all have fun. Enjoy your search for that perfect rabbit. There are many sizes colors and choices and finding the fit for you can be time consuming but will be very rewarding in the end.

Tips on how a Care with regard a Pet Rabbit

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  • Do a bit research upon rabbits. Possibly through publications or evening internet; discover out in case a person are prepared the care with regard a rabbit.
  • Supply food to the rabbit every day time; and actually do sure tough constantly has clean, fresh new water that is changed each day. Rabbits must be fed pellet foods(5 weeks and also under must possess limitless hay while 6 weeks and also elderly must have a specific amount each day) and also have limitless hay. (Timothy hay is evening best for adult rabbits, whilst alfalfa is excellent for younger rabbits) in evening morning, and just pellets at night. Pellets must be rationed starting around 6 months and also elderly of age by evening weight of evening rabbit. Vegetables must be given every day starting close to 6 months of age together with evening minimal determined by night weight of night rabbit.
  • Do sure at least one vegetable you feed him each and every day time contains Vitamin The. Fruit is a deal with and also should be fed sparingly.
  • Clean the rabbit’s cage frequently.
  • Play with the rabbit and give tough plenty of interest. Make certain your rabbit has company each and every day. In case a person can very easily’t give them ample interest every day period, you should really reassess a rabbit, or thinking about a get two. If you go upon family outings or even holidays, make specific you have someone a take proper care of hard.
  • Your own rabbit should possess toys also. Try things out, and keep in mind which usually generally there’s no have to have the buy an expensive rabbit toy when a cheap cat toy may actually do. Make sure they will are rabbit secure.
  • Vaccinate the rabbit against Virus-like Hemorrhagic Illness yearly and myxomatosis every six months. Make sure a consider the rabbit a evening vet in case tough is acting differently; or in case difficult’s hunger has altered.
  • Anyone can develop an outdoor playpen with regard a the rabbit if you possess a way to kill pests/eco-friendly fertilizer-free garden. Do certain which your rabbit is safe coming from predators and harmful weeds.
  • The rabbit must always have some period out side in evening fresh air, yet not upon night lawn in case a person possess any other creatures that run close to upon evening lawn, as evening rabbit could easily get sick and tired, and also/or even get worms. Make specific you rabbit-proof night house and also garden, a new rid of all potential hazards, initial. Your own rabbit must be supervised at almost all times when outside its wire crate.
  • Supply evening rabbit some wood a gnaw upon the decrease their teeth. Study before offering a rabbit wood stuff (which usually should constantly be unattended). Just some woods are usually rabbit-safe, and simply apple branches must be eaten fresh.
  • Make certain your rabbit has a a lot of space. A single rabbit requires a hutch of 3 wide X 2 broad deep X 2 wide tall as a minimum; more rabbits have to have a lot more space.
  • For you to hold the rabbit, pick tough up together with one palm under tough’s chest and also evening other hand under difficult’s bum a support evening weight. By no means attempt a “scruff” a rabbit as they will do certainly not possess a scruff. Keep in mind a be delicate, in case they will kick they will can break their back or actually tumble and also receive hurt.
  • Washing the rabbit is not that important an individuals they will bathe themselves. But if a person are up for challenging purchase specialized shampoo together with regard the your rabbit and ask a professional about your concerns.

It then is best to be educated about nice points that people are not sure of Pet Rabbit Care.


Rabbits as Pets and Taking Care of Them

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Rabbits can make superb domestic pets with regard a responsible, older children and kids nine 9-just like well as a lot of adults find soft spots with regard a almost all of them. Whenever you get a new rabbit you should, of course, know how a care with regard the him/her properly. It’s essential a sort fact coming from fictional, and also therefore actually do sure a person may be able a maintain your rabbit happy, healthy and pleasant so that a person and the rabbit can easily live a pleased life together with each other. Many people may at first discover challenging a adjust a their new rabbit, and may soon find that is simply an individuals rabbit is still seeking a adjust a a person. Trying the relate and also realize all of them, but give them space like well is evening finest way together with regard a them a grow the be night rabbit you want he/she the become. The pet rabbit like we know challenging these days came from from night wild rabbits of European countries and also The African continent. We began domesticating rabbits in night Middle Ages. These are usually fragile creatures and also are usually many active from night morning and also night time. These favor a rest during evening day period and also via night. Rabbits have different life expectations based upon evening breed and also can easily live as small like 5 years or just like long like 15 years.

Rabbits and hares are usually not evening same actually though they will can breed. Hares are usually generally bigger, have longer ears and longer hind legs. Hares are usually born with a full coat of hair and also their eyes open. Rabbits are usually born hairless and also together with their eyes closed. Hares conceal themselves from plants whilst rabbits conceal themselves from burrows or even depressions in evening ground. Hares prefer being alone while rabbits enjoy night company of the others.


Rabbits are usually very tame and also certainly not demanding. These can easily be trained the understand instructions and play games actually be well-trained the make use of a kitty box. Rabbits make very little sound so bothering your neighbors will not be a concern. Rabbits love a be dealt with, just like interest, and also tend a be energetic while many individuals are usually house. Due a the fact of almost all these kinds of characteristics they will can easily do an superb domestic pets.