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Kritter Krawler – Colored – Dwarf

Kritter Krawler – Colored – Dwarf Small pets require a good physical workout. Lee's Kritter Krawlers allow pets the freedom to roam safely and teach them to maneuver around common household obstacles with ease. Choose the size that best suits the needs of your pet.

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Whisker City™ Kitten Premium Collar

Whisker City™ Kitten Premium Collar The Whisker City Kitten Premium Collar is charming with soft, stretchy leather for the comfort of your growing kitten. Cute rhinestone detail adds just a hint of bling and the bell is perfect for keeping tabs on your tabby. There is no better time to train a cat to wear a collar than when it's a kitten. Completely adjustable, there are no grommets so the fit is perfectly tailored to your kitten.

Price: $9.99

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Alvalley Slip Curve GOLD Choke Fine

Alvalley Slip Curve GOLD Choke Fine Truly beautiful chain choke collars. The Alvalley fine slip curve choke collar is 1.4mm thick.

Price: $22.99

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Halloween Invincibles Dog Toy

Halloween Invincibles Dog Toy Trick-or-Treat your dog or do both with this Invincibles dog toy! Made of double-layered seams, DuraTuff™ material, and special squeakers that squeak even after being punctured! Make your Halloween fun and safe for both you and your pet! Designed for supervised play only.

Price: $12.99

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Kong Cat Naturals

Kong Cat Naturals Kong Naturals products are ecologically responsible cat toys. All materials and dyes come from renewable resources that are naturally found in the environment. These toys have been

Price: $4.29

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Metro FlexDri dryer

Metro FlexDri dryer Hands free drying! This powerful dryer puts air flow where you need it. Includes dryer, air concentrator and flexible gooseneck that can be attached to most grooming tables. The 500 watt motor results in 50 percent more blowing power.

Price: $74.99

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Snak Shak Natural Hide Away – Large

Snak Shak Natural Hide Away – Large 8in1 Ecotrition Snak Shak Natural Hide Aways are the first 100% edible hide-aways for small animals. Made with fresh alfalfa and golden honey, these unique 3-in-1 homes provide a fun hide-away, great tasting treat, and promote natural chewing instincts.


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Top Fin® Stone Cave with Snail Aquarium Decoration

Top Fin® Stone Cave with Snail Aquarium Decoration Give your fish an attractive place to hide with this stone cave aquarium decoration that features a snail for added aesthetic appeal. Aquarium decorations provide hiding places for shy or territorial fish. This stone cave ornament won't fate in water. Safe and non-toxic for fish.

Price: $11.99

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Pet Life Extreme Skater Sneakers

Pet Life Extreme Skater Sneakers Pet Life Extreme-Skater Canvas Casual Grip Pet Sneaker Shoes The Pet Life 'Extreme Skater' Fashion Dog Sneakers feature cleat-like rubberized grips on the soles for added traction and support. These dog shoes are meant to withstand the harshest of weather terrain conditions and offer protection against the hot asphalt and helps prevent frostbite during the colder climate seasons.


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MidWest Quiet Time Boutique Bear Paw Beds

MidWest Quiet Time Boutique Bear Paw Beds The MidWest Quiet Time Boutique Bear Paw Bed is washable with material, stuffing and stitching that lasts. Comfy bolster with faux suede paw pads and matching removeable polyfiber pillow.

Price: $84.99

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